Reminder: Upper 50yd Range is for handguns & long guns shooting handgun cartridges & rimfire, muzzleloaders & shotguns – not highpower. Lower 100yd range is for anything up to & including 50 BMG.

Mass Gun laws in  Bill S.2284 are a great improvement over the House version – In it’s current version it protects YOUR basic Civil Rights.

Write/call your Representative urge them to support it! Latest details from GOAL: http://www.goal.org/alert-defeat-chapter-180-part2.html

here is a link to the Bill:  https://malegislature.gov/Bills/188/Senate/S2284/History

These fine organizations are fighting for our Civil Rights right here in Massachusetts. Their websites will keep you up-to-date on the latest information.  check ‘em out & join/donate:

Gun Owners Action League :  http://www.goal.org/

Commonwealth Second Amendment:  http://comm2a.org/ 

Mass Basic Hunter Education Course

We are holding our annual Basic Hunter Education Course on September 15th,17th,20th,and 22nd. Students MUST attend all sessions. The course covers everything you need to know to go hunting – safe gun handling and storage, hunting laws & ethics, wildlife management & game identification. Whether you’re new to our sport or already a Mighty Woodsman, you will learn a great deal from this course!  The course is free, but you MUST call Hunter Ed headquarters at 978-772-0693 to register.  It fills up quick! When you pass, you will get a certificate that allows you to apply for your Mass gun license & is good for hunting licenses in every state & Canada & Mexico.

Awesome Markmanship Articles - check out these digital magazines:

CMP:  “On the Mark” http://www.odcmp.com/comm/OTM/14/OTMSpring2014.pdf.pdf 

NRA:  “NRA Family Insights” & “Shooting Sports USA” http://www.nrafamilyinsights.org/


(check out pg 33-37 classic Reprint “How to Shoot the Highpower Rifle” by Col. Crossman!!) http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/nra/ssusa_201407/

(part 2 of”How to Shoot the Highpower Rifle” on pg 34)

Civilian Marksmanship Program:   http://www.odcmp.org/   You can get an M1 Garand just like Great Grampa carried while Fighting for Freedom in the far corners of the Globe! The H&R M1′s were made just down the road in Worcester.

Women On Target Class is FULL!

Newsletters Online:  Click here to read this month’s & previous newsletters.

Rifle Range Badge Renewals See our committee page for more information.

Breakfast is Served! The kitchen is open for Sunday morning breakfasts. Hours are 7am-11am. PUBLIC IS WELCOME! This is a great opportunity to meet fellow club members, support your club, and get some great food at a great price!

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