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Rifle Range closed during construction starting October 11th.

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Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
- Benjamin Franklin, Nov.11, 1775

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ATTENTION: The Rifle Range is temporarily going back to being operated as one range until we can fix the center berm problem. Many shooters on the lower range are complaining about ricochets from the upper range, whizzing over their heads or worse, when they are resetting targets at 100 yds. Please use the flags on the shed to indicate the condition of the range as HOT (Red) or CLEAR(Green). This decision was discussed at the September General meeting and agreed to be the safest option until further notice. Thank You for your consideration, Dave Kistler


NOTE: Construction of the new roof over the upper range will begin on Tuesday, October 11th. During construction the Rifle Range will be closed. This may also include several Saturdays, so plan accordingly. The range will still be open on Sunday's as usual. We hope to have the construction completed before Pheasant season, but may run into the season for a few days.


Archery classes start Tuesdays Sept 20 at 7:00pm for 8 weeks. $5.00 per lesson or 25.00 for the full 8 week course. RESERVE NOW ronalddarmanin@gmail.com


Next General Members Meeting is October 26th, starting at 7:30.

Attendance prize is $450. Which means up to 9 names will be drawn.
Don't forget you have to be present to win.

With a full quorum present to vote on the increase in the dues, the membership voted 69 to 13 in favor of raising the dues effective immediately. The new membership applications now show Regular Member dues going from $50 to $65, Seniors and Juniors from $20 to $30 and Kids from $5 to $10 .

New life memberships are still on hold, but will reflect the new rates when we start to accept new life applications.


So you think you're some kind of hot shot athlete! Come check out our Biathlon Trail ; running and shooting will humble the best of us!


Click here for the Gun Shop or above in the menu bar and check out what's on hand for firearms and supplies!

The LSA hall is available for rental to members and non-members alike.

Reservations must be made at least one month in advance by submitting a Hall Reservation Request.

  • The LSA hall may be rented in four-hour increments
  • The LSA hall has a maximum occupancy of 120 people
  • Rental includes use of the hall, tables, and attached deck
  • A cash bar (with bartender) is available for an additional fee
  • If kitchen facilities are required, please contact the kitchen committee chairman prior to submitting your reservation request



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