Pistol Committee

Committee Chair - Tom and Sue Doiron
We offer a 6 station 50 foot indoor pistol range for .22 caliber handguns only. Ear & Eye protection must be worn.
Fee is $1.00 per day. Targets are available for 25 cents each.

We have a pistol team that participates in the Worcester County Pistol League on Monday nights from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm and on Friday mornings from 10:00 am to noon from September to April. Come on down and check us out! New members always welcome.

For more information contact Tom Doiron by email, tmdoiron@comcast.net or by phone 978-345-4084
or Susan Doiron by email, suemp2@comcast.net or by phone 508-331-6695
Every month we get several new members in the club, some of you must be interested in pistol shooting. We have an active .22 pistol team that normally shoots on Monday evenings in the clubs indoor pistol range from September to April. The indoor range is also available to general member shooting and practice once they have passed a basic safety and use course administered by an LSA range officer. Shooting on the Pistol Team is inexpensive and doesn't take very much time. We shoot 30 rounds, 10 Slow Fire, 10 Timed Fire, and 10 Rapid Fire. You don't have to be an Expert shooter to have fun shooting. Although only the top five scores count for the Team, the more shooters we have the better depth we have on the Team. We'd like to encourage any former pistol team members who might be thinking about shooting again, to c'mon down. Of course, we're always looking for new shooters, too.

The indoor pistol range is open to all certified members when not in use for:
- Club Events (Women On Target, Boy Scout Events, etc.)
- Pistol Team Matches
- Shooting Classes and Trainings
Certification/Permission to use the range may be obtained after an interview and qualification from the Pistol Chairman or a designated range officer.
Interviews will be held the fourth Sunday of every month at 9:00 am at the indoor pistol range. You must bring a .22 caliber pistol, eye and ear protection, and ammunition to demonstrate that you are familiar with firearm and range safety.

For more information contact Sue Doiron by email: suemp2@comcast.net or by phone 508 331 6695


General Range Safety Rules and Hours of Operation1.pdf
WCPL Rules 7-2015.pdf
Current WCPL (Worcester County Pistol League) Rules
WCPL Schedule 22-23 .pdf



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