Rifle Range Committee

Committee Chair - Art O'Leary

Rifle Range Briefings

Range Safety Briefings are planned for the 4th Sunday every Month at 9:30am, or contact a Range Officer to fit your schedule.

- When attending the range briefing, you must present your current membership card or a
receipt or phone picture to receive your new key, range badge, and have your gate key fob activated.

- Once you have completed the briefing you will receive your LSA Rifle Range Badge/Lanyard/Key.
A Key-Fob for the range gate may then be purchased from the Club Secretary for $45.

Since we have gone to the electronic Key-Fob system, and the dues increased, they are a few changes, i.e.:
You do not need to trade in your 2023 Badge for a new one - those or new ones will be good "forever."
You do not need to sign into the logbook.
You no not need to pay for the Badge/Lanyard/Key - that is included in your dues.
You do not need to buy a key for the Plate Rack or Texas Stars that is included with your dues.
Also, Public Hours have been eliminated, and the Guest policy is changed to 3 Guests or Family.

The Range Briefing details have been updated to agree with current practice - see link below

A Key-Fob for the range gate may then be purchased from the Club Secretary for $45.

Rifle Matches:

We're having lots of Marksmanship opportunities at the Rifle Range agains this Winter!
All are welcome! Come on down before or after Church! We have multiple relays, so we can fit you in!
There's the:

Winter Rifle Matches

= Any Rifle/Any Sights Standing Up (but by the wood stove;) , Sundays December 3rd through March 31st, 9am-11am in the Range House.

Benchrest Rifle Matches

= 22LR with the front end supported, the fourth Sunday of the January, February, March at 10:30am-12noon Lower Range

Arcade Matches

= 22LR or Air Rifle, shoot silhouettes off of sawhorses, then set 'em up again, Second Sundays of Jan., Feb., March 10:30am-1pm Upper Range

Hunter Safety

We have our annual Basic Hunter Safety Classes planned for March 18th, 20th, 23rd, & 25th. That's Monday & Wednesday 6-9pm, Saturday all day, and Monday evening for the test. The price is right (free, and the instructors are quite charming ;) but you must attend all classes. To enroll, call MassWildlife 508-389-7830 https://www.mass.gov/info-details/about-the-hunter-education-courses

The course covers everything you need to know to go hunting, ¬safe gun handling and storage, hunting laws & ethics, wildlife management & game identification. Whether you're new to our sport or already a Mighty Woodsman, you will learn a great deal from this course! You will get a certificate that allows you to apply for your Mass gun license & is good for hunting licenses in every state & Canada & Mexico.


where a projectile hits the ground, after passing through a
target or misses the target, before it hits a backstop !!!

Confusion regarding use of STEEL TARGETS

There appears to be some confusion about the use of your own steel targets on the range. You are still
allowed to use your own steel targets on the range as long as the following conditions are met:

1) the target is angled in such a way as to deflect the projectile directly toward the ground

2) OR it's a swinging target

3) AND it's positioned high enough that a missed shot hits either the 50 yd backstop
on the upper range or one of the 50ft, 25yd, 50yd or 100yd backstops on the lower range

4) targets must not be bent or all dented from bullet impact, AR500 steel is preferred

5) the STEEL target must be set up at a minimum distance of 50 feet for handgun cartridges and
100 yards for high power rifle cartridges.

Reminder NO HIGH POWER RIFLES are allowed on the upper range, period.


Improved Biathlon Trail.pdf
LSA Rifle Range Frame Dimensions.pdf
LSA Rifle Range Target Frame Dimensions and Setup
Benchrest 22LR 2024.pdf
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LSA Safety Brief 12224.pdf



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