Events for Apr. 2024


    Blackpowder Shoot & Primitive Campout
    April 13 and 14
    Saturday: 9am to 4pm Sunday: 9am to 3pm
    on the grounds of LSA 1455 Elm St in Leominster
    Match 1: Rifle Woodswalk with Hawk, Knife & Fire Starting
    Match 2: Smoothbore Woodswalk with Hawk, Knife & Fire Starting
    Match 3: Edged Weapons Woodswalk
    Match 4: Standing Hawk & Knife
    Match 5: Buck & Ball
    Match 6: Pistol-Single Shot Flintlock or Percussion Pre 1840 Style
    Match 7: Modern Hunters Woodwalk no primitive requirements LEAD BULLETS
    only- no sabots or jacketed bullets
    Match 8: Archery Woodswalk - Primitive, Traditional (no compounds)

    Registration $8.00 (Covers both days) - event fees are additional
    Pre-1840 dress encouraged for Primitive Events
    Tent sites with wood available, come Friday; set up for the weekend.
    Trade Blankets encouraged - no fees
    for more information call Phil Sergey 617-360-1429

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